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If you are a British Columbia resident, with little or no access to a Naturopathic Doctor, and can’t come into my Creston office for visits, telemedicine may be the option for you!

Telemedicine functions very similar to regular Naturopathic Office visits. The only difference? You’re using your computer or smart phone to have a video conference, in the comfort of your home or another location, rather than having to come into the office. 

We use a secure, encrypted, yet easy to use video conference platform, that allows you to login and chat face to face with Dr. Kim from your smart phone or computer. 

Because of licensing laws, in order to see Dr. Kim for Naturopathic Medicine visits by Telemedicine you must be a British Columbia resident, and have access to an MD, walk-in clinic, or emergency department in case of acute need of examination.

I’m not computer savvy, can this work for me?

The system we use is incredibly easy to operate. A website link will be emailed to you when you book your visit, and using that link, a few clicks of a button, and you will be in the waiting room. Dr. Kim will start a video conference with you at the time of your appointment as soon as she is available. 

*You do require access to the internet

Why do I need to live in BC?

Dr. Kim is licensed to practice as a Naturopathic Doctor in British Columbia Canada. Unfortunately, taking patients as Naturopathic client from outside the province is deemed practicing medicine without a license. 

However, online self-directed educational health programs will soon be available that can help with your health journey. 

What’s next?

There are many options you can take to work with Dr. Kim. Please choose appropriately for your situation. 

Are you in Creston but would rather stay at home in your pj’s instead of coming into the office? I can’t blame you! You can most definitely use Telemedicine as an option as well. Book online with the appointment type you prefer. 


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