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Metabolism Rev Program

Reset your Metabolism so you can burn fat, build muscle, and feel energized!

Formerly called the Fat loss Master Plan, the Metabolism Rev Program is ready for you to join!

Weight and body image are concerns held by most women. It is something that has been ingrained into our psyche from a young age that what we look like makes us a better or worse human. Of course this is not true, however the belief persists and we are constantly looking for a way to control our weight.

From a health perspective, maintaining a healthy body weight and composition is important for preventing secondary conditions later in life. Because of this, I want to help you on your weight journey.

In this program you will go from feeling like you've tried every diet and nothing works, to feeling like your body is strong, fit, and burning fat again.

Read on for more information about the program!

Carbs are NOT the enemy.

We've heard so many myths, and so many statements about what is good or bad in our diet. Most foods are not bad, and you don't need a highly restrictive diet to manage weight.

A healthy body is not JUST about weightloss, it's about having a strong metabolism and good composition, building muscle, and burning fat, while feeling energized.

You've tried all the diets and they just don't work, or you can't maintain them long term.

It is so common to do well for a few weeks or months with a diet and then fall off track. This is usually from a combination of a plan that is simply unsustainable, and our mindset or limiting beliefs about what we can do, or what we deserve to achieve. 

The simple truth - You Deserve to feel amazing.

This new program is designed to work around your busy life, and help your reach your goals in a way you can sustain. It is building a new lifestyle. It is training your metabolism to burn fat, build muscle, and feel energized again, while letting you eat what you want.

I can help you!

After nearly a decade, over 12,000 clinical hours, and over 1000 patients, I have helped a lot of women find the path to regain their vibrant health. I know I can help you too!

Let's work together to get you feeling fit and fantastic!

Dr. Kimberley Hine - Naturopathic Doctor

The whole program is delivered online

Each week has educational content and action steps. Handouts with all of the information will be available, as well as a recording of an instructional video. 

All of the information you need to be successful is already provided for you in the online school!

As a bonus, you get access to a private facebook group where we can interact as a community and support each other.

During active directed rounds, the facebook group will feature live Q&A videos weekly to support you. If you have joined in between Directed Group launches, you will get access to that live help as well when those groups run!

The community structure of the group will allow everyone to help answer each other's questions and share resources.

Total value of the program if you were to purchase time 1 on 1 with a practitioner is over $2000.

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” –Sophia Bush

I am here to support you while you create your masterpiece life. 

What is the program based on?

We will be working with a basis of intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and easy to follow workouts that you can do at home and are designed to optimize your body to burn fat.

We will also be covering a number of other factors that contribute to your body being able to lose weight and burn fat. 

There are absolutely no supplements that you need to take to be successful with this program. You do not need to join intensive classes or buy a gym membership.

What makes this program different?

  • Eat whatever you want. Including carbs and fat.
  • Easy to manage. Do it from the comfort of your home.
  • Lifestyle change. A plan you can follow for life.

You also get additional education and action steps in the 5 other areas of your health that affect your weight, beyond diet and exercise.

Find the missing link to your success

Ready to join and start feeling stronger, fitter, and fabulous?

The program includes prerecorded video and document instructions with the complete details you need to be successful, access to a private facebook group with instructional and Q&A videos, and a recipe book to help you discover new tasty dietary options.

Choose your payment option:

One time Payment of $249 

Two Payments of $140 - one payment today, and one payment in 30 days (a payment plan to break the cost into easier to manage payments)

Save 10% using the 1 time payment option! 

What do you need?

An email address is required.


Access to facebook is optional but recommended as it is your link to a supportive community of peers, and Q&A sessions.

Access to using the free version of my fitness pal App is optional but HIGHLY recommended, by computer or smartphone.

Optional light hand weights.

You will be directed to an external site to process payment (Teachable - Reinvigorate You School, where most of the program is hosted).

QUESTIONS? Email Kim (@) DoctorKimND (dot) com

Not ready for this round but want to know when the next group starts?

Find out more about Intermittent Fasting and Carb cycling benefits

Group Start Dates

The next, and final group of 2019 starts on November 1 2019. Get on the waiting list now, or check back a week before hand for active links to sign up on this page!

If you are signed up by email you will be notified a week before the launch so you can join the next group!


Programs are provided as an educational resource and coaching secondary to your regular medical care. Joining a program does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship, and does not replace or supersede advice from your primary care physician. If you have any diagnosed medical conditions or concerning symptoms, please check with your physician before joining a program to ensure it is right for you. No Diagnosis or Treatment is provided in a group program setting. If you are describing concerning symptoms you may be referred to and required to see a physician rather than continuing in the group.