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You can be a busy mom AND have vibrant health, and energy. 

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Your Health Matters

As a woman you constantly fill a number of roles in life.

You're mom, wife, boss, chef, cleaner, and many more.

It can take a toll on your mental and physical well being. Especially being mom, because it often means you put everyone else before your own needs, and your unique identity gets lost.

When the overwhelm takes a toll and you burn out, it means you have less to give to those you love.

You have to take care of you.

I can help you
Achieve vibrant energy and live a passionate life

You've heard that you just need to find some balance and then you'll feel better. Or worse, that it's good to be busy, that you're young and you can handle it. The truth is, the culture of excessive busyness is killing us. You are left feeling tired and like your life is uninspired and unfulfilled. Losing your spark in life contributes to fatigue just as much as physical reasons like diet, exercise, and sleep. To fully recover, you must address your mind and heart just as much as everything else.

I understand
I've been where you are

I know what it feels like to live a busy demanding life, and to burn out. I also know the way back, and I have successfully helped hundreds of women reclaim their vibrant energy and passionate lives as well. 

Programs are created with the understanding of the limits of your busy life, as well as leading you through not only the physical and lifestyle changes, but also the mental and emotional aspects as well.

It's a commitment
Improving your health takes time and dedication

You're worried that you are too busy to take the time to make the changes needed. That's normal. All programs are created with the demands of busy lives in mind, so they are easy to implement in small pieces.

Your family lives on a budget, and that is kept in mind too. Programs are built to be complete systems for health, but the cost is lower than individual office visits. 

You've tried programs before and nothing seems to stick or they are too hard to implement. There is a reason for this, and it's addressed in the fundamental Reinvigorate You program in depth!

Our Approach to health

Online programs or in office care, both options have the same basic approach

Time thoughtful

Tech friendly options

Individual Medicine


Compassionate care

Functional Assessment

I can help you!

After nearly a decade, over 8500 clinical hours, and over 1000 patients, I have helped a lot of women find the path to regain their vibrant health. I know I can help you too!

Let's work together to find the cause of your concern, so you can build back up to the health of your dreams

Kimberley Hine
Naturopathic Doctor

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