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You Deserve Vibrant Health

It’s time to stop accepting excuses and discover the health of your dreams.

Your Health Is Critical

When your health is less than optimal, the family you strive to care for are the ones that suffer. We can fix that.

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Being busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health or energy

We all try to balance so many roles, duties, and priorities every day. It can leave us feeling drained, burnt out, and out of time to take care of ourselves.

The truth is, without our health, we end up with less and less to give to those other priorities. 

It takes more than just ‘balance’ and ‘self care’.

Being busy isn’t a badge of honor

We’re all told that it’s good to be busy, you just need to find balance and you’ll be fine. The truth is that our culture of excessive busyness and stress is killing us. Being on the run constantly leaves you feeling tired, uninspired, and unfulfilled. And it takes a serious toll on your health physically.

Regaining your spark and passion is one of the key steps to recovering your vibrant health and energy.

I can help you

I know what it feels like to live the busy, demanding life. I’ve experienced the burn out, and I’ve personally dealt with a complicated health journey. It’s what drives my passion to help you, and thousands of other patients, discover and walk the path back to their ideal health and energy. 

Health requires commitment for lasting change

I understand busy lives, lack of time, and financial constraints. Meeting you where you are at, and working around these concerns are primary goals to helping you achieve results, however committing to yourself to implement the changes is a necessity. Your life is an investment, your health should be no different. 

I offer many different ways for us to work together to meet your needs where time or money are concerned. 

Our Approach

Many factors are considered when providing care for you. Achieving your health goal should be as easy as possible.

Individualized treatment plans

Technology friendly options

Body and mind centered

Functional assessments

Are you ready?

After nearly a decade in practice, 12,000+ clinical hours, and nearly 1000 patients, I’ve helped a lot of women find the path to regain their vibrant health and energy. 

Let’s work together to find the cause of your concerns, so you can start living the life of your dreams, with the health you desire.

Start simple and build

Needing an easier place to start rebuilding your health? Join a 5 day challenge and get easy to implement tips directly to your inbox that will have a major effect on your health overall. We can build from there!

5 day Energy Blast Challenge

5 Day Mindset Mastery Challenge

Important notices and news

This section will keep up to date with important notices and news about my practice, so that you stay in the loop easily!

January 28 2022 – My office is open for both in person and virtual (phone or video) telemedicine visits, on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, and occasional Saturdays (virtual only). New patients are currently being accepted.


Payments – All appointments that are not held directly in the office must have a credit card on file. You may opt to pay by etransfer at the time of your appointment, however a credit card must still be on file. In office, debit is also offered. I do not currently offer direct billing, but will provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your plan for reimbursement. Most plans will reimburse you within 2-7 days after you submit a claim.


To contact me – Email is the easiest way for me to respond to your booking inquiries. Treatment and case questions require a visit and cannot be handled over email. My phone is not answered directly, and voicemails are retrieved periodically throughout the week. If you phone and need a call back, please leave a message, otherwise I will not know that you phoned. 


New Patients – I am currently accepting new patients. If you are interested in booking a visit please email or phone me. Please expect a possible 2+ month wait before your scheduled appointment.


Fees – Fees are subject to change at any time, but generally prior warning is noted and only changed to reflect inflation changes and the provincial fee schedules. 


What's next?

I would love to work with you on your health journey. Use the links below to explore some of the ways we can work together, no matter where you are located!

In office visits

Telemedicine visits

Online Health Programs - coming soon

Life and Health Coaching - coming soon


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Sat : By appointment (occasionally)

All hours are by appointment only


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